Cutesy Architecture Exhibition

I’ve just put up my exhibition selecting my 6 best designs from my cutesy architecture collection, I’m very happy of how this collection turned out. Im glad that I changed my header for my exhibition as now that they are all the same size it look a lot more professional and finished with the addition of my logo on the front. And now that this is completed I’ve finished my second year of my degree which is scary and exciting at the same time as 3rd year is just around the corner so a lot more hard work to come.

This is all my designs in the custey architecture collection.


Reflective Statement- Cutesy Architecture Improvements

Since getting my feedback for the making connections module we have been given a few weeks to improve any work from the feedback we were given. The things I needed to improve on my collection from my feedback was drawing more garden flowers in my own style as my original ones looked too much like rifle papers. Also in my feedback it was suggested that I look in to creating a repeat of houses that have gardens as my house repeats were working really well and the addition of a repeat with a garden would complement the other designs.

These are the designs I created from drawing more garden flowers, I used just the flower one its own in some designs and then in others I made a chain of flowers with it and then used this in conjunction with the doors and then on there own as well. I think these flowers have worked really well to create the feel of rifle papers style but they have more of my own style in them as well. I’m really glad I have changed them as it is more unique to me now.

In addition I created another design from the feedback I was given, I took a different drawing I done of a house then added in the garden element to it. I done this as a digital print then I free machine stitched the black detail of the houses then I also stitched the flowers for the garden too. This took a lot of time to done but it was worth it a I really like the finish it has given.

I also then wanted to try some more digital stitch so I could have a better understand of it before I went in t my last year, I decided to take my flower design and repeat on one of the bigger stitch machines as I have never done that before. I am really happen with the outcome of this design however it did pucker a bit and I wanted to try it on black fabric however due to unforeseen circumstances Maggie couldn’t come in so I couldn’t get this done.

I then went back to some of my paper sample and changed the scale of them to improve them a bit, furthermore from doing the degree show buddy system they inspired me to try and get my work printed professionally so it was to a higher standard. So I printed my some of my paper sample on to wallpaper using the company they suggested ‘bags of love’. I also used this company to print the new digitally printed work I did on to fabric. I’m really glad I did then as the prints come out really well and I was able to order a sample pack which will really help me out for next year if I want to digitally print again. Furthermore by using this company for this project it has allowed me to see what they are like before my 3rd year so I was able to test it with them before my degree show.

Therefore I believe to degree show buddy system was really help as it showed what is need to make my own degree show look really professional and to a high standard. furthermore due to helping out with the degree show it has actually influences the work in my current brief as it has allowed me to find companies that a good and reliable at printing digital. Furthermore due to do the degree I decided that I need to remount my headers as by having consistency through the headers is key for have a professional finish and I wasn’t getting this through my previous headers. Therefore I am glad that we have had these few weeks to improve work as it has given me the time to create different designs that work better which my collection and creative an over all better collection.


Digital printing

I tried to digitally print my digital designs but we came across a few problems when doing this as the first ones I did came out completely the wrong colours and they came out really washed out. Steve said that could be due to the fabric we used and maybe the settings of my images. So we tried a different fabric and then looked into my images to see what could be wrong and the reason the colours didnt match was because my could setting was set CNYK instead of RGB. Therefore once I change this setting my colours came out the right shade and because we change the fabric too it came out how it should have.

This is how the print come out the first time :

This was the second attempt one:

I really like this process and can definitely see my self using this in third year. However you have to make sure the colours are right by doing a colour atlas first to check this. And it does take a bit of time to get this right but when it does work it is really successful.

chelsea harbour design showrooms and Kings road

On Thursday we went up to London to visit the Chelsea harbour design showrooms for London design week to gain inspiration for our own designs and to see the whats on trend. There was such a wide range of different designers that showcase their work there and the were so big and very sophisticated and professional and even the the build its self was extremely stunning. I was extremely impressed with how professional the show rooms were and it was a real eye opener in to how the industry works and they level of standard of work they produce. Therefore it showed me how I should present my work to a professional standard when I do present it. Furthermore by walking around and exploring the showrooms I could see a variety of different design themes and trends.

New design themes : tropicals, ruffles and pompoms, calming blues.

Unusual, innovative idea: fabrics made from unusual textures, wholly open structures.

colourings and trends for a/w 2017/18, also s/s 2018, and beyond : the green tropical trend is one that definitely stood out amongst many of the design collections for s/s 2018 but I also saw a lot of blues as another colour trend.

innovative design and drawings styles : there was a lot of hand draw and painted styles that have been made in to repeats. furthermore I noticed that there was a huge amount of embroidery stitch work and had been printed and then stitch on top. that was interesting to see as i am doing this in my work.

interesting fabrics, fibres and other substrates : fabrics made from plastics and very open structures, and plastics mixed with natural yarns.

presentation styles : I noticed that the presentations were of a extremely high standard and most of the sample finishing were done by either over locking or pinking shears. All samples were hung up with hangers or placed in a sample book. also all the of samples have a label of them at the back to tell you what designer it is.

Here is a few photos I took that inspired me

overall by going to the design rooms it has shown me that I need to be working to a professional standard and how I can get to that standard of work.

King Road – I also explored kings road with the huge amount of design shops they had down there, designers guild really inspiring and interesting and most of the interior shops were laid out like the chelsea showrooms so this was interesting to see as well. overall the trip to london was a real eye opener and truly inspiring

Screen Printing Colour Separation

Screen printing colour separation is something I have always wanted to try but never doing it before, so I guest how to do it by making 3 different screens that each had what would be different colours on each screen. Also by putting registration marks on each screen you can make sure it lines up. I really liked this technique and think it is really effective at getting different colours within on screen print and I would defiantly want to do this again. furthermore I think it works really well for the company Rifle Paper and it has allowed me to create bold blocky shapes. Also I quite like how it has worked with just the two colour screens with out the black line work, which I could then take in to stitch and free machine on some details.

Josef Frank Exhibition

When on my work placement as I was at home and quiet close to london I found out Josef Frank had his first exhibition in the uk in london. So went and visited he exhibition in the fashion and textiles museum and it was truly amazing and inspiring. His style of work is the block work that I need to start trying in my own work. Furthermore it was really inspiring to see his work in real life and set up in how it would be used.

Work experience days 19-20

It’s coming to my last few days now at my work placement and I’m just finishing of the tasks that I have been set before I leave, so I spent Thursday finishing off the big task Gillian set me on Tuesday. I finished researching all the designers and editing them in Photoshop. Then after that I had to print and cut down over 80 images, go and laminate these and cut them down again. After this I had to finish the task by displaying them on the wall in the corridor and rooms, this took a bit of time sorting out a layout before putting green them on the wall. Gillian was happy with my work and was glad to have some inspiring things on the wall.
I really enjoyed doing this as I learnt a lot about different designers and the different areas of textiles which will be really helpful.
I’m looking forward to seeing what I will be up to on my last day and maybe get the chance to do some more ceramics as Sheila said she wanted to some more after what we did last Friday which should be fun.
So my last day has consisted of watching the pottery throw down with the technicians so we can get inspiration for student and because in the afternoon we were going to try out some of the things on the show and take photos and videos to put on social media to promote a new ceramic course they are doing. After that I help out in the print room helping out students and tidying up. And I also finished off the way displays by adding in titles. However due to the department being really busy because the media makeup students where have a photo shoot we didn’t get time at the end of the day to do some ceramics, so I spent the rest of the day sorting out students works and helping out students.
At the end of the day I said goodbye and thanked the staff for having me, and they thanked me for my time with the and gave me some flower and chocolates and I was allowed to choose some art supplies to take home with me as thanks for the work I did for them which was extremely nice of them. Overall this work placement has had its ups and downs and has gone by very fast however it was a great opportunity to learn and have the insight on what it is like to be a lecturer and technician.