Cutesy Architecture Exhibition

I’ve just put up my exhibition selecting my 6 best designs from my cutesy architecture collection, I’m very happy of how this collection turned out. Im glad that I changed my header for my exhibition as now that they are all the same size it look a lot more professional and finished with the addition of my logo on the front. And now that this is completed I’ve finished my second year of my degree which is scary and exciting at the same time as 3rd year is just around the corner so a lot more hard work to come.

This is all my designs in the custey architecture collection.


Work Experience days 6-8

I have been quite busy these past few days and they have been really interesting and exciting as I’ve been able to try out some new techniques. At the beginning of this week Rebecca has been off ill, therefore when I got in there was a note left on my desks with some tasks to do, the first thing was to cut and laminate some learning resources for the students which where images of different artists. This took me a good few hours as there was over 50 images that I first had to cut down then laminate and then cut down again. The amount of work that they put in to just the little things to help students to learn is crazy.

After that I had a go at the metal Etching that I prepared for the workshop so I knew how to do it if the students asked me. I really like this new technique I learned as it created some interesting prints and you could capture a lot of detail with this technique, I would like to try more of this technique in my subject.

Then for the rest of the day Gillian asked me to research different marbling techniques for the marbling workshop the next day. And I helped her to set up for the taster lesson she was doing after college finished.

And then the next day Rebecca wasn’t in again, so because she wasn’t here the other lectures had to help to cover the lessons she had and they needed my help, it was an 2 hour lesson which we gave the student 1:1 tutorial to see how they where getting on and helped them to progress. I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to see what it was like to be a lecturer.

Then this same class some of the students wanted to use the print room to try new techniques so me and Gillian helped them out in the print room. I had a group of students that wanted to learn how to tie die for the promotional t-shirts they were making for Marwell Zoo. So I gave them a workshop to show them how to do this. I really enjoyed this as it was great to see what they could come up with after teaching them.

After this me and Gillian done the marbling workshop. I showed them how to marble on to paper with oil paints and white spirit. And then Gillian showed them how you can marble on to fabric by using shaving foam and heat transfer dyes. I have never done this technique before and thought that the technique was amazing and simple and I would love to try this in my subject area. The samples that I tried in the workshop worked really well and I think it would work really well in my subject area. And the students seemed to enjoy the workshop too which is always good.

The next day Gillian was off sick so there was no print technician and Rebecca was back today so I was given the job of being the print technician for the day. This was really exciting but scary as it is a big job.


Life in a day of an print technician… to start with I had to make sure the machines where on also that the room was set up for the day which consisted of washing up the mess and making sure everything was out and ready to be used. And then when the students started coming in I helped show them techniques and processes. Also the student have to buy some of the materials that they need so I had to sort that out too.

I also had a student that wanted me to teach her how to do the marbling that she saw from the marbling workshop that she didn’t attend so I showed her how to do that. Also I helped some students getting the right colours for their heat press prints. Also through out the day I had to make sure everyone is being safe and keeping the room tidy, if not I had to clean it up.

Overall I have really enjoyed my day as an technician an it has been really insightful in showing me what it is like to be a technician. And I quite like it. Furthermore I’ve liked teaching the workshops and getting involved with the students more, which I feel like that’s what this week has been all about so far which is nice and last week was about making learning resources and prep for the workshops which logically makes sense. I’m looking forward to the next few days.

Final ceramic plate designs

For my final design I have used promarker and fineliners to create the detail. Each plate is to do with the activities I do with my family therefore my sense of home is spending time with my family.

I have picked 3 activities we do as a family, gardening, baking, going to the beach and then I was looking at the tools we use in those activities and then the things that are made from those activities or what you get from those activities.

After using at load of different process I decided that decal was the best technique to use as it captures detail.

Here is my 6 plate designs

Ceramic Processes

Today I have trying out different ceramic processes for the first time. We had a workshop with one of the ceramic technical staff Matt. He started of the workshop by showing use a wide range of different process that you can use with raw clay that hasn’t gone in the kiln to be fired. He showed us how to do scraffitto, slip decoration, slip trailing and paper resist, and told us to select the ones which we thought that would work with our ideas and what we wanted to try the most. Therefore I tried out Scraffitto and slip trailing, I really enjoy the scraffitto due that fact that allows you to draw directly on to the clay and the marks that you end up leaving behind add a lot of texture and it indents the clay leaving a mark. I feel Like I could possibly use this for my final plates as it work quite well for the garden them as it makes the clay still feel a bit raw and exposed.


Exhibition in the botanical gardens of Wales

20160525_124544After creating my wall hanging for the field project my work was select to be exhibited for 6 weeks in the botanical gardens of Wales. This is an amazing opportunity and hopefully it is the start of many. Since starting this course I have already had my work displayed in two exhibitions and we have the opportunity over the summer to make some work to sell in crafts in the bay gallery.

I’ve learned so much so far on this course and there has been opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t come here. I’ve really enjoyed this course and can’t wait to see where the next two years are going to take me.

Also while and the botanical gardens of Wales putting my work up we has the chance to explore again, last time we went it was winter so there wasn’t many flowers however in the summer there it is truly beautiful with all the flowers. So I took the chance to draw some of theses beautiful flowers.

concepts with retro flowers

I took one of my drawing concepts in to illustrator to see what I could create with experimenting with the different colour and scale and just about anything really. the only thing I started to notice with these design is that they didn’t look very retro but more day of the day and that wasn’t the look I was going for, so even through I really like how these designs have turned out its not going to work as one of my design because they aren’t retro enough. But that doesn’t matter too much as I can only develop more ideas from this and nothing is lost.



For the next 2 weeks I’m going to be coming up with as many different ideas as I can related to my theme of 50s retro, to start off I looked at my research and all the images I have collected from my themes and I’ve start creating some illustrations inspired by these images.