Cutesy Architecture Exhibition

I’ve just put up my exhibition selecting my 6 best designs from my cutesy architecture collection, I’m very happy of how this collection turned out. Im glad that I changed my header for my exhibition as now that they are all the same size it look a lot more professional and finished with the addition of my logo on the front. And now that this is completed I’ve finished my second year of my degree which is scary and exciting at the same time as 3rd year is just around the corner so a lot more hard work to come.

This is all my designs in the custey architecture collection.


Exhibition in the botanical gardens of Wales

20160525_124544After creating my wall hanging for the field project my work was select to be exhibited for 6 weeks in the botanical gardens of Wales. This is an amazing opportunity and hopefully it is the start of many. Since starting this course I have already had my work displayed in two exhibitions and we have the opportunity over the summer to make some work to sell in crafts in the bay gallery.

I’ve learned so much so far on this course and there has been opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t come here. I’ve really enjoyed this course and can’t wait to see where the next two years are going to take me.

Also while and the botanical gardens of Wales putting my work up we has the chance to explore again, last time we went it was winter so there wasn’t many flowers however in the summer there it is truly beautiful with all the flowers. So I took the chance to draw some of theses beautiful flowers.

Material Matters Exhibition


An exhibition of my work from the material matters brief, the theme I looked in to was the natural form, mainly flowers. The drawing sessions that my university have provided have been my main inspiration for my final technical samples, due to exploring both botanical drawings and mark making it has allowed me to produce more individual outcomes from the workshops. Additionally, I’ve really enjoyed exploring the different workshop areas especially stitch as I haven’t done much before and the new techniques I’ve learnt has inspired my work. Therefore, I have really enjoyed working on this brief as it has allowed me to discover and develop new skills.