level 5 field reflection

level 5 field has been a lot more informative and interesting than level 4 is it have given me the change to explore a whole new discipline of ceramics which I could take forward in my subject area of textiles and it was really interesting to learning new techniques on to different materials which is relevant to my subject. Furthermore the second part of field has been the most helpful with the work placement option as it given me the chance to understand and learn more about what it is like to be a technician and lecturer. The work placement could be quite challenging at times and sometimes it was a bit repetitive however it showed me the task that you needed to do if I want to take this career option. Therefore be doing this work placement it has shown me that I don’t really like the role of teaching as it is not creative enough as you don’t really produce your own work and there is a lot of paper work. Also I feel that I don’t have much life and work experiences in my subject area just yet to be ready for teaching and I’m not sure if it is right for me in this time in my life, however maybe further down the line once I gain more experiences I would be ready for teaching.

However the technician role was a lot more interesting and it offered me the chance to run my own workshops and produce learning resources for the students which I thought was a lot more creative and I really enjoyed it. However when talking to the staff I found out this job role didnt really pay that well and would pay even less than what I would earn if I did my Saturday job full time, so that wasn’t very promising. Therefore if I did do this full time, I would have to have a on side freelancer business to make up the rest of the money, and this is what I found that the technicians there did too. Therefore it makes me question if this would be the area of career I would like to take forward as I would end up working all the time and maybe work for a company in a studio would be a lot better for me as I could have that salary job and it being creative with still having some free time.

Therefore the work placement element I choose for the second part of field has been really helpful as it has made me question what I want to pursue as a career when I leave university and I wouldn’t have had this insight if I didn’t take the work placement. furthermore the the first element of field has given me the chance to try new skills that could be taken forward in to future work and it has also given my the chance to work on a live brief for IKEA and make contacts. Therefore overall this years field module has been really informative and helpful in making me realise possible outcomes for my future.



Relfection on my 4 week work placement

The expectations I had for this work placement was the chance to understand more about what is required to be a technician or a lecture and to see if this is a rote I would like to take in the future. furthermore, I expected to learn what happens each day in their job to see if it was something I would like to do, and I feel like I have learned enough to make an informed decision on whether this sort of job is right for me.

By under taking this for week 4 work placement what I have learnt about myself is that I like to be kept busy, as a few days on this placement it was a bit quiet and there wasn’t much for me to do which left me to finding and asking for more tasks as I didn’t like to not do something, and I wanted to be productive. Also what I have learnt is how hard it is to do a full five day working week and then a Saturday job as well on top, and that we don’t have such full days at university and now I hoping to keep up this momentom and use my time well at university.

Also during this placement, I have learnt new skill which can help with my degree like the new print techniques of marbling on to fabric and metal etching which I plan to use in me subject area. Furthermore, by creating the designer wall displays I have gained more knowledge of about designers which has given me inspiration. And I have developed the skills on how to run a workshop which is really useful for any workshops I would like to run in the future.

However, I would’ve like to have developed a few more skills with learning a few more techniques, like at the beginning of the placement I was going to learn how to use the laser cuter and then teach the students how to used it but due to the machine breaking on my second day this could happen during my placement as they couldn’t fix the machine.

On reflection if I could do this work placement over again what I would do differently is maybe try and do more workshops as I really like this element of the placement, whereas I didn’t really enjoy the lecturer side and I preferred more of the technician role as it allowed me to actually create things like learning resources for the students and it allowed me to be more creative. So what I have learnt from this is that I need to work in a creative job, and I feel that lectures have to do things by the book and there is a lot of office/paper work which is most of their work and is something I don’t want to do.

Therefore, the work experience has confirmed my desire to work in the textiles area of industry however I don’t think a lecturer’s job is right for me as I don’t think it is creative enough and you can’t produce your own work, you’re just teaching. However, I much preferred the technician side and maybe later down the line once I’ve work in industry I could become a technician.

And as I have said before I believe this work placement has enlightened me on that the teaching role is not right for me as I find it is not creative enough however I did enjoy teaching the workshops so maybe this is something I could look more in to as I could run workshops in the textiles area as a freelancer sort of job maybe?

Overall I am extremely glad that I did this work placement as it has shown me that I don’t want to be a teacher and it has driven me to want a more creative job working in a studio being more hands on and creating designs. However, this work placement has also given me new skills which I can now take forward in to my studies with all the new techniques I have learnt. Furthermore, I have enjoyed my time on my work placement, meeting lovely people and learning a different area I didn’t understand much about, teaching.


Work experience days 19-20

It’s coming to my last few days now at my work placement and I’m just finishing of the tasks that I have been set before I leave, so I spent Thursday finishing off the big task Gillian set me on Tuesday. I finished researching all the designers and editing them in Photoshop. Then after that I had to print and cut down over 80 images, go and laminate these and cut them down again. After this I had to finish the task by displaying them on the wall in the corridor and rooms, this took a bit of time sorting out a layout before putting green them on the wall. Gillian was happy with my work and was glad to have some inspiring things on the wall.
I really enjoyed doing this as I learnt a lot about different designers and the different areas of textiles which will be really helpful.
I’m looking forward to seeing what I will be up to on my last day and maybe get the chance to do some more ceramics as Sheila said she wanted to some more after what we did last Friday which should be fun.
So my last day has consisted of watching the pottery throw down with the technicians so we can get inspiration for student and because in the afternoon we were going to try out some of the things on the show and take photos and videos to put on social media to promote a new ceramic course they are doing. After that I help out in the print room helping out students and tidying up. And I also finished off the way displays by adding in titles. However due to the department being really busy because the media makeup students where have a photo shoot we didn’t get time at the end of the day to do some ceramics, so I spent the rest of the day sorting out students works and helping out students.
At the end of the day I said goodbye and thanked the staff for having me, and they thanked me for my time with the and gave me some flower and chocolates and I was allowed to choose some art supplies to take home with me as thanks for the work I did for them which was extremely nice of them. Overall this work placement has had its ups and downs and has gone by very fast however it was a great opportunity to learn and have the insight on what it is like to be a lecturer and technician.

Work experience days 16-18

For my last week I have been finishing off things I’ve started the week before, like finishing off the wall down in the diary which is a wall full of useful resources that Beccas uses to help the students learn, I laminated the resources and the organised it on the wall.


For the rest of that day I got the chance to carry on setting up the loom. This was really interesting as I’ve never done it before and it was great to learn something new, this took me the most of the day and it is still not finished. What I have learned from doing this is that I am definitely not a weaver as it is very fiddly and it takes an extremely long time to set up. However I’m glad I was given a go at trying this out.

The next day I spent the morning helping out in the print room tidying up and helping out the students.

Then later that day Gillian asked me to to create some learning resources for the print room and fashion department as they don’t have much on their walls and students need more inspiration on designers. So Gillian wanted me to make one about fashion designer, print designers, knit/weave designers and fabric manipulation. So I spent the rest of that day in the office researching different designers and finding suitable images.

The next day I carried on with the task which Gillian set me the other day as there was a lot to do, so I spend the day on photoshop and pinterest finding interesting designers and suitable images then taking them in to Photoshop to add on the designers name and edit the images. I found this task really useful as it enlightened me to new designers that I didn’t know about and designer I could use to reference my own work.


Overall the last few days have been interesting as I’ve been able to learn more about different designers.

Work Experience days 14-15

Over these last two days I’ve mainly had the job of displaying the work I find and researched from the books on to the wall so the students have a new learning resource. On the wall already is a time line of different artists so the students can get inspiration from them. So Rebecca wanted to put mine up in the same style as this one. Therefore I lined all the books up in the middle and then had string coming off of them so you can tell the images are from that book. Also I then added in some text to put the books in categorises so the students clearly see if they are looking for photography work say they know which book has that.

Also the BA textiles for fashion course had a lesson which I sit in and helped out, they where being shown by Gillian how to improve there fashion illustrations. I have never doing anything like this before and it was really interesting to see how you can use different techniques and methods to create some very interesting illustration. And even though I don’t need to do fashion illustrations on my course it has shown me a different way to look at my work and some more techniques that I could try in my own work.

Also today Shelia asked me to sort out the a wall in the diary which is used to help students out with there work but it looks a bit messy and she wanted me to re do it so I started that today, this is how it looks now before I change it.


Also today was really interesting and fun as sheila and Rebecca taught me how how to throw a pot on the potters wheel. It was really hard to do however I’m just glad my clay didn’t go flying around the room as they said has happened before when they have taught the lesson. I have learnt from this that I’m really bad with clay and that I need to practice loads if I’m going to be good at ceramics. However it was extremely fun to do.

Also what I have learnt so far is that there is a lot of skill you need to be a technician and have learnt a few new skills in work placement so far like different printing techniques which would be really useful for my subject area.

And ive learnt that I don’t like it when I have nothing to do, I get very bored so I’m always finding something to do once I’ve finished a task they have set me.

Also I believe that what has been most beneficial to me over my work experience so far is learning the new techniques I haven’t done before and the workshop that I ran showed me that I quite like running workshops. What I found least enjoyable had to be the tidying up and stocking up that technician how to do, I believe this is because it felt like I was at my Saturday job in retail again. However I knew it was an important part to the job role so I just cracked on and did it.

Also I have been able to develop job role skills over this work experience as I have learned how to teach workshops and how to manage a print room. And I think the areas in which I need to improve my input would be try and talk to even more students to help with there interview process for university and to help them with there work. I hope to be able to do this over the next coming placement day by talking to them when they are in the print room or lecturers.

Overall so far I feel that my work placement has been really useful as it has shown me what it is really like to be a technician mainly and a lecturer. And it has shown my new techniques that I can use in my own practice.

Work Experience days 11-13

Over these last few days they hasn’t really been much I needed to do with students as they all are getting on and know what they are doing. Therefore I was set the task of creative a learning resource where students would actually use the book the art department has in its office. Therefore I spend the Monday looking through loads of books they have here and photocopying them and then after this I had to cut them down to a suitable size.
And then my next day was a lot more busier as I had to sort through all of the printing inks and bin the ones the had dried up and then restock them. And make sure they weren’t out of anything that was needed. After this me and Gillian re organised the stitch room by moving tables from up stairs so we could have more desk for sewing machines so more students could use them. And then I had to set up the sewing for them to use.
On the next day I started off by Laminating the work that I photocopied at the beginning of the week for the learning resource. And then I had to cut these out.
After these I helped over with the print room and students if they needed any help on their work. And there was to foundation students in the print room and I gave them some advise on their upcoming interviews for university. I told them how they should be in their interview and about asking them questions at the end and making sure it is the right university for them.
Then I did something very new and exciting, Gillian should be how to set up a loom for weaving. I have never done this before so it was really interesting to learn however it is really fiddly to do and I’ve only done the easy bit at the moment. I still have to finish setting it up another day.

Work experience days 9-10 

These pass two days have been a bit slow on the work front. This is due to the fact that Gillian was off again so I was again a technician for the day on the Thursday, this wasn’t as busy as the day before due to the fact that not many students needed to use the print room. However I did have a student that wanted some help on how to flock, so I showed them how to do this and helped them out trying different techniques too. Also I had someone else who wanted to do some more marbling so I showed them how to do that. But most of my day consisted of tidying up the print room and making sure there was enough materials out. It was still an interesting day but it was just a shame it wasn’t as busy as the other day, but this showed me what it was like to be a real technician as they too have days which are a bit more quiet.

On friday Gillian was back in so I wasn’t needed in the print room but Rebecca need me to sort out the students sketchbooks for their assessment. This consisted of photocopying the students photography work which is in their sketchbook. I didn’t think this was going to take too long however it took a good couple of hours as the was about 30 students. They don’t have many students in on Friday so there wasn’t that much for me to do with the students however Rebecca kept me busy doing back of house things like setting up for lessons and equipment.

After doing the photocopying I needed to cut up some fabric for Rebecca lesson in the afternoon so her students could use the heat press. 

Then in the afternoon Rebecca wanted me to spray paint some scissors because students keep taking them from the photography room and she didn’t want any more stolen. This was actually quite fun to do as I’ve never spray painted before and they came out really well.

Overall I haven’t done much these pass two days compared to the beginning of the week however it has showed me that even when the students aren’t in they is always something lecturers and techinican have to do.