Degree Show Buddy System

For two weeks I have been taking part in the buddy experience with 3rd year textiles students, to help them put up their degree show. I was given two buddies to help out therefore at times this could be a struggle as I had double the amount of work to do and it was hard to chose who to help out first, therefore it was a juggle most of the time. However I managed to coped okay and if I was free at all I would help out any other buddies that needed help as their level 5 buddy hadn’t turned up. Therefore even though I had two buddies everyone that turned up helped each other out.

In addition I learned a lot from the two week buddy scheme, mainly how to put up a degree show to a professional standard, and tips on where to buy things and places that are good for digital printing which is really helpful as I would like to do this next year. furthermore a key thing that I didn’t really think to much about before the show was that its really important to make sure your hangers and headers for your sample match your the theme you are going for the show. Out of all the headers and hangers I like the ones the plastic ones the best as they weren’t to bulky and didn’t distract your from the samples.

Out of my two buddies Tain didn’t really need me too much after I painted her wall for her which worked out quite well as Georgia need me a lot more. I felt bad for Georgia as for the first week she didn’t have a wall for a long time therefore it took me longer to paint her wall as they were in a very bad condition when they went up, so it took a lot of work to sand it out then paint it therefore me and a few girls stayed behind one night to get it done. Once all the walls were painted after the first week the fun bit began where we got to see peoples work go up and we spent most of our time doing headers. Which even through it was really tediousĀ it showed me all the different ways in which I could do mine, as Georgia didn’t hang hers up like other people she decided to put hers in to a sample book. So by helping her do this it showed me what I could do for myself next year.

Over all I think the buddy scheme is a good idea it has prepared us for what is to come next year for our degree show and we have been able to get tips of the 3rd years on what to do and not to do.

This is Georgia Reece’s degree show:

This is Tain’s Degree show: