Reflective Statement – S/S 2018 collection Cutesy Architecture

I’ve now reached the end of my Making Connections project, it has been an insightful project as it has allowed me to grow as a designer by gaining a huge amount of knowledge on the standard of professionalism in the textiles industry and helping to find myself as a textiles designer. Overall it has truly been an interesting and wonderful experience and one of the longest projects I have ever done. At times this has been challenging as it has dragged but overall it has been great to go in depth in the different aspects to creating a successful collection and preparing myself to what is to come in my final year.

For this project, I’ve been hypothetically working for the stationery company Rifle Paper to produce a collection of 12 design that are inspired by the architecture partially looking at the cute arcade shops and rows of house that look vintage as that fitted really well with their house style. Furthermore, the collection was also inspired by florals as they are used a lot in their products, I wanted my theme to have an element of this as well. Rifle Paper’s house style is very blocky and feminine therefore I wanted to stay true to their house style so I made sure that I stopped myself from creating line drawings and just stuck to blocks of colour. This was new to me as I mainly normally draw with lots of detail and line work so it was interesting to try something new and experiment with a new style, which in the end I found quite enjoyable and appeasing to the eye. Therefore, by doing this I believe that my final collection fits well into their house style and has made the collection successful.

By looking at the final 12 samples, you can see that I have tried to show as much variation as possible, by making three sub groups to my collection. By this I mean that I have created almost three mini collections the make up my main collection. I have done this by creating 4 samples that look at houses and building, then another 4 samples that focus on just florals, then the next 4 samples focus on the element within architecture like windows and doors. And within each of these mini collections I have added floral in most of them to keep consistency within the collection as well a variation. Therefore, all of these mini collections are what make up my main collection that co-ordinate together as they have the same drawing style and colour palette.

For the choice for my colour palette I selected colours that are in the trend Kindship s/s 2018 to keep my collection relevant and on trend for the season and year my collection is for. In addition, I selection some of the key colours that Rifle Paper like to use in their colour palettes so my collection would work within their house style with their current collections. Furthermore, this collection is aimed at stationery; this includes notebooks, dairies, cards, gift wrap and accessorise like pencil cases and laptop cases. Thus, there needed to be a variety of different substrates of fabric and paper so the collection could work for the different products. I enjoyed the opportunity to use both paper and fabric as it gave very different finishes to the samples but it works well together too.

One of the main objectives I set for this project was to explore multiple techniques, the three specialist techniques I chose to use for my final samples were screen-printing, digital stitch and digital print as these fitted in perfectly with my chosen company’s overall design appearance. Also, I wanted to push myself as some of these areas I hadn’t done much in before, so it was nice to explore a skill in more depth and gain more knowledge in that area too. Rifle Paper focuses entirely on print, whether it is digitally or hand printed so I thought it would be appropriate to carry on with their style. However, I decided to add in some digital stitch as I thought it worked really well within the collection and it was great for a product like a fabric notebook to make it more luxurious. I really enjoyed the screen-printing I done for this collection as I tried for the first-time screen colour separation and it was really successful and interesting to do. Also, I was really happy with how professional it made my print look instead of just a one colour print, I defiantly want to do more of this in future projects. I also really like the digital prints I created for this collection as the style and finish work extremely well with my chosen company’s house style. Furthermore, I enjoyed the process with digital print and will defiantly use this process in future project, even though when it actually came to printing I had a lot of issues with the colours not coming out the right shades and things being faded but with a lot of perseverance I managed to sort it out.

Furthermore, I created a variety of CAD visuals for my designs as it is important to see how the collection would work on products and it helps the clients visualise how the designs would work as a collection too. Therefore, I create one CAD visual set up as a collection of stationery to show how the products would work together and I’m really pleased with how this come out.

Like with any project, there will always be space for improvements and in the case of my work, I would like try more digital stitch as I only slightly touched on it within this collection and I believe it could have worked really well with some of my floral designs to create more texture. However overall this has been a very successful project where I have been able to produce a collection of 12 samples to a high-end professional standard and grow as a designer.


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