chelsea harbour design showrooms and Kings road

On Thursday we went up to London to visit the Chelsea harbour design showrooms for London design week to gain inspiration for our own designs and to see the whats on trend. There was such a wide range of different designers that showcase their work there and the were so big and very sophisticated and professional and even the the build its self was extremely stunning. I was extremely impressed with how professional the show rooms were and it was a real eye opener in to how the industry works and they level of standard of work they produce. Therefore it showed me how I should present my work to a professional standard when I do present it. Furthermore by walking around and exploring the showrooms I could see a variety of different design themes and trends.

New design themes : tropicals, ruffles and pompoms, calming blues.

Unusual, innovative idea: fabrics made from unusual textures, wholly open structures.

colourings and trends for a/w 2017/18, also s/s 2018, and beyond : the green tropical trend is one that definitely stood out amongst many of the design collections for s/s 2018 but I also saw a lot of blues as another colour trend.

innovative design and drawings styles : there was a lot of hand draw and painted styles that have been made in to repeats. furthermore I noticed that there was a huge amount of embroidery stitch work and had been printed and then stitch on top. that was interesting to see as i am doing this in my work.

interesting fabrics, fibres and other substrates : fabrics made from plastics and very open structures, and plastics mixed with natural yarns.

presentation styles : I noticed that the presentations were of a extremely high standard and most of the sample finishing were done by either over locking or pinking shears. All samples were hung up with hangers or placed in a sample book. also all the of samples have a label of them at the back to tell you what designer it is.

Here is a few photos I took that inspired me

overall by going to the design rooms it has shown me that I need to be working to a professional standard and how I can get to that standard of work.

King Road – I also explored kings road with the huge amount of design shops they had down there, designers guild really inspiring and interesting and most of the interior shops were laid out like the chelsea showrooms so this was interesting to see as well. overall the trip to london was a real eye opener and truly inspiring


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