Book Research

As part of a set task, I had to collect three books from the library that related to a textiles technique I wanted to pursue, my project theme, and something that I found inspirational. I was able to gather three books that were full of inspirational image and possible techniques I could explore. I enjoyed this task as I like looking through books to find inspiration and I found a few books which I would like to buy for my self.

The first book I found was an technique book which explains an variety of printing techniques. It was called printed pattern – a guide to printing by hand from potatoes to silk screens. I found this book really helpful as it has shown be a different variety of printing skills I could use, I would like to try so more things like lino printing and etching.

The second book I found was called print and pattern 2, this book was extremely inspirational as it was full of 100s of different designers and designs. I can see my self going back to this book in the future to be inspired. One image that I found was an image of builds that was created using by looking at the block shapes and lines of the build, I really like the layout and approach to this image and would like to try this in my own work.

The next book I found was called The pattern base, this book has over 550 contemporary textiles and surface design. Therefore this book was full inspirational material and it was really interesting however one image that I partially like was by the designer Charlotte Mason and the design was created for paperchase. I really like this design as it shows me possible layouts I could use for my own designs of building.

Overall I found this task really useful and inspiring and I also found this book that had stunning images of nature and florals and I would love to own my own copy of this book as I really like the old botanical style they have been illustrated in.




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