reflection of my aims for my brief

After just completing the field module which I choose as work placement I have developed new skills which I would like to take forward in to more subject area. As I was a technician for my work placement I was able to explore new techniques which I have never done before. One of them was metal etching and I really enjoy this and I was extremely pleased with the outcomes it gave and I would love to try this more in my brief to see how I can develop it. Also I would like to try out some more print techniques like lino printing and some more heat print/ resist techniques which I saw and students do on my work placement.

furthermore I have recently brought my self a digital drawing tablet so I would like to experiment with that and see what I can come up with on in digital textiles to see if I should go down that rote instead of print. And maybe do some digital prints which I can then take forward and print or stitch on top.

Also on the drawing and design aspect of the brief I would like to look in to drawing using a mixture of block colours/shapes and then just line work to see how it could work together. And at this stage of the brief I want to start to mixture both the buildings and floral’s together. Overall I looking forward to getting back into this brief and exploring what I cant create.


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