level 5 field reflection

level 5 field has been a lot more informative and interesting than level 4 is it have given me the change to explore a whole new discipline of ceramics which I could take forward in my subject area of textiles and it was really interesting to learning new techniques on to different materials which is relevant to my subject. Furthermore the second part of field has been the most helpful with the work placement option as it given me the chance to understand and learn more about what it is like to be a technician and lecturer. The work placement could be quite challenging at times and sometimes it was a bit repetitive however it showed me the task that you needed to do if I want to take this career option. Therefore be doing this work placement it has shown me that I don’t really like the role of teaching as it is not creative enough as you don’t really produce your own work and there is a lot of paper work. Also I feel that I don’t have much life and work experiences in my subject area just yet to be ready for teaching and I’m not sure if it is right for me in this time in my life, however maybe further down the line once I gain more experiences I would be ready for teaching.

However the technician role was a lot more interesting and it offered me the chance to run my own workshops and produce learning resources for the students which I thought was a lot more creative and I really enjoyed it. However when talking to the staff I found out this job role didnt really pay that well and would pay even less than what I would earn if I did my Saturday job full time, so that wasn’t very promising. Therefore if I did do this full time, I would have to have a on side freelancer business to make up the rest of the money, and this is what I found that the technicians there did too. Therefore it makes me question if this would be the area of career I would like to take forward as I would end up working all the time and maybe work for a company in a studio would be a lot better for me as I could have that salary job and it being creative with still having some free time.

Therefore the work placement element I choose for the second part of field has been really helpful as it has made me question what I want to pursue as a career when I leave university and I wouldn’t have had this insight if I didn’t take the work placement. furthermore the the first element of field has given me the chance to try new skills that could be taken forward in to future work and it has also given my the chance to work on a live brief for IKEA and make contacts. Therefore overall this years field module has been really informative and helpful in making me realise possible outcomes for my future.



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