Work experience days 19-20

It’s coming to my last few days now at my work placement and I’m just finishing of the tasks that I have been set before I leave, so I spent Thursday finishing off the big task Gillian set me on Tuesday. I finished researching all the designers and editing them in Photoshop. Then after that I had to print and cut down over 80 images, go and laminate these and cut them down again. After this I had to finish the task by displaying them on the wall in the corridor and rooms, this took a bit of time sorting out a layout before putting green them on the wall. Gillian was happy with my work and was glad to have some inspiring things on the wall.
I really enjoyed doing this as I learnt a lot about different designers and the different areas of textiles which will be really helpful.
I’m looking forward to seeing what I will be up to on my last day and maybe get the chance to do some more ceramics as Sheila said she wanted to some more after what we did last Friday which should be fun.
So my last day has consisted of watching the pottery throw down with the technicians so we can get inspiration for student and because in the afternoon we were going to try out some of the things on the show and take photos and videos to put on social media to promote a new ceramic course they are doing. After that I help out in the print room helping out students and tidying up. And I also finished off the way displays by adding in titles. However due to the department being really busy because the media makeup students where have a photo shoot we didn’t get time at the end of the day to do some ceramics, so I spent the rest of the day sorting out students works and helping out students.
At the end of the day I said goodbye and thanked the staff for having me, and they thanked me for my time with the and gave me some flower and chocolates and I was allowed to choose some art supplies to take home with me as thanks for the work I did for them which was extremely nice of them. Overall this work placement has had its ups and downs and has gone by very fast however it was a great opportunity to learn and have the insight on what it is like to be a lecturer and technician.

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