Relfection on my 4 week work placement

The expectations I had for this work placement was the chance to understand more about what is required to be a technician or a lecture and to see if this is a rote I would like to take in the future. furthermore, I expected to learn what happens each day in their job to see if it was something I would like to do, and I feel like I have learned enough to make an informed decision on whether this sort of job is right for me.

By under taking this for week 4 work placement what I have learnt about myself is that I like to be kept busy, as a few days on this placement it was a bit quiet and there wasn’t much for me to do which left me to finding and asking for more tasks as I didn’t like to not do something, and I wanted to be productive. Also what I have learnt is how hard it is to do a full five day working week and then a Saturday job as well on top, and that we don’t have such full days at university and now I hoping to keep up this momentom and use my time well at university.

Also during this placement, I have learnt new skill which can help with my degree like the new print techniques of marbling on to fabric and metal etching which I plan to use in me subject area. Furthermore, by creating the designer wall displays I have gained more knowledge of about designers which has given me inspiration. And I have developed the skills on how to run a workshop which is really useful for any workshops I would like to run in the future.

However, I would’ve like to have developed a few more skills with learning a few more techniques, like at the beginning of the placement I was going to learn how to use the laser cuter and then teach the students how to used it but due to the machine breaking on my second day this could happen during my placement as they couldn’t fix the machine.

On reflection if I could do this work placement over again what I would do differently is maybe try and do more workshops as I really like this element of the placement, whereas I didn’t really enjoy the lecturer side and I preferred more of the technician role as it allowed me to actually create things like learning resources for the students and it allowed me to be more creative. So what I have learnt from this is that I need to work in a creative job, and I feel that lectures have to do things by the book and there is a lot of office/paper work which is most of their work and is something I don’t want to do.

Therefore, the work experience has confirmed my desire to work in the textiles area of industry however I don’t think a lecturer’s job is right for me as I don’t think it is creative enough and you can’t produce your own work, you’re just teaching. However, I much preferred the technician side and maybe later down the line once I’ve work in industry I could become a technician.

And as I have said before I believe this work placement has enlightened me on that the teaching role is not right for me as I find it is not creative enough however I did enjoy teaching the workshops so maybe this is something I could look more in to as I could run workshops in the textiles area as a freelancer sort of job maybe?

Overall I am extremely glad that I did this work placement as it has shown me that I don’t want to be a teacher and it has driven me to want a more creative job working in a studio being more hands on and creating designs. However, this work placement has also given me new skills which I can now take forward in to my studies with all the new techniques I have learnt. Furthermore, I have enjoyed my time on my work placement, meeting lovely people and learning a different area I didn’t understand much about, teaching.



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