Work experience days 16-18

For my last week I have been finishing off things I’ve started the week before, like finishing off the wall down in the diary which is a wall full of useful resources that Beccas uses to help the students learn, I laminated the resources and the organised it on the wall.


For the rest of that day I got the chance to carry on setting up the loom. This was really interesting as I’ve never done it before and it was great to learn something new, this took me the most of the day and it is still not finished. What I have learned from doing this is that I am definitely not a weaver as it is very fiddly and it takes an extremely long time to set up. However I’m glad I was given a go at trying this out.

The next day I spent the morning helping out in the print room tidying up and helping out the students.

Then later that day Gillian asked me to to create some learning resources for the print room and fashion department as they don’t have much on their walls and students need more inspiration on designers. So Gillian wanted me to make one about fashion designer, print designers, knit/weave designers and fabric manipulation. So I spent the rest of that day in the office researching different designers and finding suitable images.

The next day I carried on with the task which Gillian set me the other day as there was a lot to do, so I spend the day on photoshop and pinterest finding interesting designers and suitable images then taking them in to Photoshop to add on the designers name and edit the images. I found this task really useful as it enlightened me to new designers that I didn’t know about and designer I could use to reference my own work.


Overall the last few days have been interesting as I’ve been able to learn more about different designers.


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