Work Experience days 14-15

Over these last two days I’ve mainly had the job of displaying the work I find and researched from the books on to the wall so the students have a new learning resource. On the wall already is a time line of different artists so the students can get inspiration from them. So Rebecca wanted to put mine up in the same style as this one. Therefore I lined all the books up in the middle and then had string coming off of them so you can tell the images are from that book. Also I then added in some text to put the books in categorises so the students clearly see if they are looking for photography work say they know which book has that.

Also the BA textiles for fashion course had a lesson which I sit in and helped out, they where being shown by Gillian how to improve there fashion illustrations. I have never doing anything like this before and it was really interesting to see how you can use different techniques and methods to create some very interesting illustration. And even though I don’t need to do fashion illustrations on my course it has shown me a different way to look at my work and some more techniques that I could try in my own work.

Also today Shelia asked me to sort out the a wall in the diary which is used to help students out with there work but it looks a bit messy and she wanted me to re do it so I started that today, this is how it looks now before I change it.


Also today was really interesting and fun as sheila and Rebecca taught me how how to throw a pot on the potters wheel. It was really hard to do however I’m just glad my clay didn’t go flying around the room as they said has happened before when they have taught the lesson. I have learnt from this that I’m really bad with clay and that I need to practice loads if I’m going to be good at ceramics. However it was extremely fun to do.

Also what I have learnt so far is that there is a lot of skill you need to be a technician and have learnt a few new skills in work placement so far like different printing techniques which would be really useful for my subject area.

And ive learnt that I don’t like it when I have nothing to do, I get very bored so I’m always finding something to do once I’ve finished a task they have set me.

Also I believe that what has been most beneficial to me over my work experience so far is learning the new techniques I haven’t done before and the workshop that I ran showed me that I quite like running workshops. What I found least enjoyable had to be the tidying up and stocking up that technician how to do, I believe this is because it felt like I was at my Saturday job in retail again. However I knew it was an important part to the job role so I just cracked on and did it.

Also I have been able to develop job role skills over this work experience as I have learned how to teach workshops and how to manage a print room. And I think the areas in which I need to improve my input would be try and talk to even more students to help with there interview process for university and to help them with there work. I hope to be able to do this over the next coming placement day by talking to them when they are in the print room or lecturers.

Overall so far I feel that my work placement has been really useful as it has shown me what it is really like to be a technician mainly and a lecturer. And it has shown my new techniques that I can use in my own practice.


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