Work Experience days 11-13

Over these last few days they hasn’t really been much I needed to do with students as they all are getting on and know what they are doing. Therefore I was set the task of creative a learning resource where students would actually use the book the art department has in its office. Therefore I spend the Monday looking through loads of books they have here and photocopying them and then after this I had to cut them down to a suitable size.
And then my next day was a lot more busier as I had to sort through all of the printing inks and bin the ones the had dried up and then restock them. And make sure they weren’t out of anything that was needed. After this me and Gillian re organised the stitch room by moving tables from up stairs so we could have more desk for sewing machines so more students could use them. And then I had to set up the sewing for them to use.
On the next day I started off by Laminating the work that I photocopied at the beginning of the week for the learning resource. And then I had to cut these out.
After these I helped over with the print room and students if they needed any help on their work. And there was to foundation students in the print room and I gave them some advise on their upcoming interviews for university. I told them how they should be in their interview and about asking them questions at the end and making sure it is the right university for them.
Then I did something very new and exciting, Gillian should be how to set up a loom for weaving. I have never done this before so it was really interesting to learn however it is really fiddly to do and I’ve only done the easy bit at the moment. I still have to finish setting it up another day.

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