Work experience days 9-10 

These pass two days have been a bit slow on the work front. This is due to the fact that Gillian was off again so I was again a technician for the day on the Thursday, this wasn’t as busy as the day before due to the fact that not many students needed to use the print room. However I did have a student that wanted some help on how to flock, so I showed them how to do this and helped them out trying different techniques too. Also I had someone else who wanted to do some more marbling so I showed them how to do that. But most of my day consisted of tidying up the print room and making sure there was enough materials out. It was still an interesting day but it was just a shame it wasn’t as busy as the other day, but this showed me what it was like to be a real technician as they too have days which are a bit more quiet.

On friday Gillian was back in so I wasn’t needed in the print room but Rebecca need me to sort out the students sketchbooks for their assessment. This consisted of photocopying the students photography work which is in their sketchbook. I didn’t think this was going to take too long however it took a good couple of hours as the was about 30 students. They don’t have many students in on Friday so there wasn’t that much for me to do with the students however Rebecca kept me busy doing back of house things like setting up for lessons and equipment.

After doing the photocopying I needed to cut up some fabric for Rebecca lesson in the afternoon so her students could use the heat press. 

Then in the afternoon Rebecca wanted me to spray paint some scissors because students keep taking them from the photography room and she didn’t want any more stolen. This was actually quite fun to do as I’ve never spray painted before and they came out really well.

Overall I haven’t done much these pass two days compared to the beginning of the week however it has showed me that even when the students aren’t in they is always something lecturers and techinican have to do. 


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