Work experience days 3-5

Over the last few days Rebecca has got me to make an learning resource for the students. The dairy is a whole building which allows the Student use a massive range of equipment and materials for different techniques, like glass cutting, ceramics, laser cutting, 3d and loads more. Therefore Rebecca had made an dairy dictionary for the student which consisted of key art words to help them out with analyse their work with the correct terms.

However she said to me that she wanted it to be expanded and to look more appealing, so I had the job of sorting this out. Here is what the original diary dictionary looked like.

It was layout as a dictionary would be (alphabetical) however Rebecca wanted this change into art subheadings like photography based works and so on, so I organised this first and then added in more words to each of this categories and then added related images to each one.16358810_10154589641357284_679326917_n

This is how one page looked like and I had to do 24 pages like this. This process took a very long time to do, and it had to all be black and white as it has to be printed a lot.

This is what the final product came out like, Rebecca really liked the changes I made to it and it is going to get printed so every student can have one to reference from. After doing this it has showed me that it takes a very long time to put together learning resources for students.

Sadly I wasn’t able to go in on Friday as I was really ill and on antibiotics and steroids. But overall I’ve had a good first week in my work placement.


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