Work experience days 1-2

I have started my work placement an college being a technician for the art & design and textiles departments also a lecture.

My first day was a little slow as we had problems with getting me around the buildings as I don’t have my own ID bagde yet so it has been a bit hard. But Rebecca has been on their case and I should be able to get around freely soon.

In the first hour of the first day I started of by helping the technicians set up for the day, so I checked the sewing machines and things like that. After that got to know the staff I would be working with and we discussed what I could possibly do in the next few weeks. They were interesting in me running some enrichment workshops on illustrator to Students to teach them how to use illustrator and get a file ready to be laser cut. The only problem with this is that it has been I while since I’ve done this and haven’t sorted out a laser cutter file on illustrator before, I told them this and they said that I can teach my self before I teach the class in the next few days when I am in.

After that Sue asked me to make etching tiles for a student workshop. The process of making these tiles is really long when you need enough for a big group of students.

To start with I had to measure up the tiles and then cut the metal which was fun to do as I got to use the industrial giliten for metal.

The next thing I had to do is degrease the metal with salt and vinegar and chalk but I wasn’t allowed to touch the tiles with my hands because of the grease on my fingers,this took a while.


And then the next day I had to ink up the tiles with etching ground black ink.


And then lastly I had to put these tiles on to a hot plate to allow the ink to cook. This process took a very long time to do and it has made me understand that their is a lot of prep work to teaching a workshop for a group of students.

Also on this same day I was helping out in classes talking to Student to help them with these work and to give them ideas. Also they had just had a assessment so the lecturers asked me to organise the students work so it wouldn’t get lost.

Overall it has been an ok start to my work placement and I’m looking forward to seeing what I will be doing  for the next few weeks.


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