Home Truths field module evaluation

Home Truth for me has been an amazing field project as I’ve been able to explore an area of art and design which I’ve always been interested in but haven’t had the opportunity to go in depth with it and explore the wide range of different techniques it has to offer. Therefore by doing this field group it has allowed me to have a better understanding of ceramics and how different clays should be treated and how clay can be manipulated in different ways to create some amazing ceramic pieces. In this short project I have managed to learn so many different processes that I’ve never done before due to having loads of workshops and the technical staff and lectures going in depth about each process.

Furthermore the actual topic off this project ‘Home Truth’ has made me think about how imagery is really important to get across a story or subject matter if no words have been used. It has made me think that I should be definitely doing this more in my own work back in my subject area due to the fact that I mainly use just imagery to portray a theme.

One technique that I would like to possibly do in future projects in subject is decals as I believe this is something that would work really well with surface patterns and I could imagine creating something like a kitchen collection with tiles, plates bowls and so on. However the colours came out a little lighter and not the same shade as when I sent them off to be printed therefore if I was to do this again I would have to take this into consideration.

Furthermore the best thing with decals is that I could do my digital pattern on illustrator like I normally do and then just transfer them in to Photoshop to be sent of to be printed. Therefore this technique is very simple but it allows you to create some extremely detailed ceramics that captures exactly what you wanted the surface pattern to look like.

Overall I am very happy that I was able to change field groups as it has allowed me to develop skill in ceramics which is something that I have always been interesting in learning more about and it has also shown me that it is something that I could apply to my subject area if I wanted to.



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