Self-reflective Statement

My theme for the making connections project is the architecture in Cardiff showcasing the cute arcades shop and Victorian terrace houses. I was inspired by this theme due to looking at different companies and coming across the company Rifle Paper. Rifle Paper mainly focuses on floral prints however when I looked further into to this company I found some really interesting imagery that focused on architecture. After finding this company I started to look in to companies that focused more on architecture and another company which I really liked was kelci London as they looked into imagery that is associated with places and buildings. From looking into a wide range of different company in the areas of fashion, interiors and stationery I found out that I was more interested in stationery due to the fact that it is very diverse and the idea of creating my collection of gift wrap or stationery is nothing I have done so far and would like to try as I really like the stationery area.

Therefore after looking in to different companies I decided to go with Rifle Paper as I really like their house style which is very blocky and quirky and the subject matter they focus on is floral and places so I feel my theme will work with their company. Also I want to challenge my self as I wouldn’t normal draw in their style which is blocky.

For my initial drawings I took photo of the arcades, shop fronts in Cardiff and houses to get inspiration and drawing references, from these photos I have created drawings in different styles and techniques to see what I could produce for my designs but making sure that with each drawing it relates to the style of Rifle Paper and sticking to my colour palette.

I have managed to create a few successful prints with screen printing techniques and lino printing, therefore to proceed in the project I want to look in to more printing techniques and I also want to try some digital techniques with print techniques to see how that would work together.



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