final decal plates

These are my final decals of my plates waiting to be put in the kiln. The colour of the decals came out a little bit lighter than I wanted them to be, this could be because they have not gone in to the kiln yet.

Overall I like how these have turned out as they look quite professional and ready for market, which could be sold on a mass market level due to the fact that they are easy to produce and with the white and blue theme it related to the mass market area.

I wanted to keep the images very linear as I wanted them to come off the plates and create a series that could work together or work on their own.Furthermore I wanted them to be linear as most of the traditional plates the layout of them work in a circular layout and therefore I wanted it to standout in the market today, and therefore it reads more as a story.

I decided to use the technique process of decal as it is used a lot in the mass market and it is great for capturing detail, therefore it was really relevant for my theme as I want it to be able to sell in shops and be detailed.




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