Glazing is a the process the finishing thing, it makes the ceramic smooth and shiny. In this glaze workshop took our clay samples we made in the other workshop and glazed them, by glazing then it brought out the colour and made the clay samples glossy. To do this we had to dip the clay tiles in to the glaze which was a transparent glaze and then wipe off the sides and bottom to make sure the glaze isn’t on those part because if there is some on there a you put it in the kiln it will stick to the kiln shelf.


Another glaze technique we learnt was using glaze on a biscuit fired piece of ceramics, we took the the tiles and dipped them in to the white glaze and then had to wait 30 mins for it to dry and then we could paint of the top with coloured pigments. This was an interesting technique if I do it again I need to put a thicker layer of glaze on at the start as for my first attempt I didn’t manage it cover the whole tile with glaze and it was too thin in some areas.



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