Self-reflective Statement

My theme for the making connections project is the architecture in Cardiff showcasing the cute arcades shop and Victorian terrace houses. I was inspired by this theme due to looking at different companies and coming across the company Rifle Paper. Rifle Paper mainly focuses on floral prints however when I looked further into to this company I found some really interesting imagery that focused on architecture. After finding this company I started to look in to companies that focused more on architecture and another company which I really liked was kelci London as they looked into imagery that is associated with places and buildings. From looking into a wide range of different company in the areas of fashion, interiors and stationery I found out that I was more interested in stationery due to the fact that it is very diverse and the idea of creating my collection of gift wrap or stationery is nothing I have done so far and would like to try as I really like the stationery area.

Therefore after looking in to different companies I decided to go with Rifle Paper as I really like their house style which is very blocky and quirky and the subject matter they focus on is floral and places so I feel my theme will work with their company. Also I want to challenge my self as I wouldn’t normal draw in their style which is blocky.

For my initial drawings I took photo of the arcades, shop fronts in Cardiff and houses to get inspiration and drawing references, from these photos I have created drawings in different styles and techniques to see what I could produce for my designs but making sure that with each drawing it relates to the style of Rifle Paper and sticking to my colour palette.

I have managed to create a few successful prints with screen printing techniques and lino printing, therefore to proceed in the project I want to look in to more printing techniques and I also want to try some digital techniques with print techniques to see how that would work together.



Silk Painting

Silk painting is a great technique looks like you painted directly on to the silk fabric and it also almost looks like stain glass. This technique is great if you want your work to look quite blocky which I do as it suits my company. I would like to try more silk painting as I really like the effect this gives.



Flock is a great way to add some texture to your work. However flock is a bit like foils in a way due to the fact there is only a certain amount of colours to choose from so it is hard to find colours to match my colour palette. With the flock I like the what has been left, a refined white line. I managed to find a colour that matched really well with my palette, both of this prints I have created could work with my colour palette. I would like to try this flock technique over other screen prints to create some depth.


I have always done foils with a screen printing however there is another technique that does require a screen. All you need is an image that has been printed using a print and a foils sheet then you just heat press it together, once this has been done the foil will stick to the image you have printed on the printer. then you are left with an image that looks like you you have some how printed that from you printer. I really like this technique and want to try it again will other imagery the only problem with this technique is that it doesn’t always stick to the whole printed image. Also there is only a selected amount of different colours available in foils so its really had to get a foil to match my colour palette.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a great technique that allows you to create one screen that can be used in a wide range of different techniques, however just the traditional screen printing with just pigment also gives I really nice print. Using my colour palette I explored different screen prints with the same image of a house. Overall I really like screen print however I think that these prints that I have done are a bit basic an need a to screen print over the top to create more depth.


Heat Press

Heat press, I wanted to try the heat press technique as it creates a very paint like feel. However the problem I have with heat press is that the colours you paint on the paper are not same shade when you your the heat press to transfer. Therefore when I painted the red on the paper once it was transferred it actually turned out orange. Therefore if I do more heat press I will need to test out the colours first.

Lino Printing

Lino Printing is a great technique which I haven’t tried since when I was in college. With this technique you can create a very blocky style which is good because Rifle Paper companies house style is this same style therefore I feel that lino print works really well. And at the same time it is very free and you can create alot of different prints in not a lot of time.