ceramic designers

For my initial research into this new ceramics brief I have been looking in to a variety of different ceramics designs to help me understand this area a bit more.

Laura Carlin

laura Carlin graduated from the royal college of art. She is an illustrator and a ceramicist. her illustrations on ceramics are whimsical and very unique, her work has been hand decorated on ceramic vessels, tiles and plates. I really like the style of her illustrations and the way she has developed that in to ceramics. I also really like the paint like feel it has to work and I would like to try out this technique she used.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott used that classic characteristic blue and white look in his glazed ceramics. His work is concerned with landscape, pattern and a sense place. He emulates the look of mass produced consumer ware, in spite of this his work is unmissable. In Pauls hand domestic ceramics mutate into subversive comments on our life and times. I don’t want my work to have a political meaning however this is quite interesting and I like his style of illustrations on the ceramics and I would like to try this detail work for myself

Polly Fern

Polly Fern is an illustrator that I have been following on social media, she did just start out as an illustrator and then she started to try out ceramics. Her ceramics illustrate beautiful scene of a sense of place. I like how her style is very free and quite blocky. I would like to try out her paint like style on the ceramics with my own work.


These are all household object appearing on other ranges of domestic tableware such as plates. I really like the use of objects and would like to look at this more in my work to show my sense of home.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is mainly a textiles designer who also does a bit of ceramics. Her work is retro themed and I quite like the use of the basic shapes and bright colour but Im not sure if I want to use this style in my work.

Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious is an illustrator and ceramicist in the 1950s. he has a very stylised illustrated style but at the same time his work looks quite realistic.

Overall all of these designers have very different styles, I really like the designers that have created a move drawing like style to their work and would like to try this when I start to create my own work.


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