National Museum Cardiff

As I started this Field group a day late due to changing groups I wasn’t able to make the trip to the National Museum Cardiff, so I didn’t want to miss out and as it is really close to my house I went and had a look around the ceramics section they have there on my own. Some of the things that really stood out to me were blue and white ceramics as they are very traditional and are very mass market. however I also like the contrast of the porcelain white ceramics that I saw which were all white, and looked very delicate. I defiantly made me think on what I could possibly create as an outcome for this project by looking at all of the different things ceramics has to offer.


ceramic designers

For my initial research into this new ceramics brief I have been looking in to a variety of different ceramics designs to help me understand this area a bit more.

Laura Carlin

laura Carlin graduated from the royal college of art. She is an illustrator and a ceramicist. her illustrations on ceramics are whimsical and very unique, her work has been hand decorated on ceramic vessels, tiles and plates. I really like the style of her illustrations and the way she has developed that in to ceramics. I also really like the paint like feel it has to work and I would like to try out this technique she used.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott used that classic characteristic blue and white look in his glazed ceramics. His work is concerned with landscape, pattern and a sense place. He emulates the look of mass produced consumer ware, in spite of this his work is unmissable. In Pauls hand domestic ceramics mutate into subversive comments on our life and times. I don’t want my work to have a political meaning however this is quite interesting and I like his style of illustrations on the ceramics and I would like to try this detail work for myself

Polly Fern

Polly Fern is an illustrator that I have been following on social media, she did just start out as an illustrator and then she started to try out ceramics. Her ceramics illustrate beautiful scene of a sense of place. I like how her style is very free and quite blocky. I would like to try out her paint like style on the ceramics with my own work.


These are all household object appearing on other ranges of domestic tableware such as plates. I really like the use of objects and would like to look at this more in my work to show my sense of home.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is mainly a textiles designer who also does a bit of ceramics. Her work is retro themed and I quite like the use of the basic shapes and bright colour but Im not sure if I want to use this style in my work.

Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious is an illustrator and ceramicist in the 1950s. he has a very stylised illustrated style but at the same time his work looks quite realistic.

Overall all of these designers have very different styles, I really like the designers that have created a move drawing like style to their work and would like to try this when I start to create my own work.

Home truths

Home… for me my sense of home is my family. A home is not a place but the people that live there. Spending time with my family doing things they like doing. my dad gets me to help out in the garden, my mum gets me to bake with her, and also spending time at the beach with my sister and parents as a whole family.

Therefore I would like to explore the different activities we like to do together as a family for my ceramic plates.

mind your own business

This is first field group that I did, but just for one day, it was a really good study group and idea of the group was great, you got to set up your own business and try and make profit. however the work load was very intense and I didn’t feel comfortable in this study therefore I changed to another one called home truths. Home truths is an ceramics based project which was my second option I picked anyway and in this group you get to decorate 6 plates. I cant wait to get started on this new project as ive always wanted to do ceramics but ive never had much chance before to do it.

Mood boards

These are my mood boards for my hypothetical brief for Rifle Paper co. My theme is based around cuties architecture look at Victorian style houses that Cardiff have a lot of and the cute unique shops in the arcades. Therefore for my concepts board I found imagery of unique shop fronts and terrace houses. Also I was experimenting with digital stitch which work well for the concepts.

My cleint is aged in their late 30s, and is a successful business woman who likes to drink coffee in cute shops, travel and likes stationery.

For my market competitors are of the more mid range area in the market like Rifle Paper co.

And for my colour board I have selected colours that are in the trend Kindship s/s 2018 as well as some of the key colour palettes that Rifle Paper co like to use.

Hypothetical Design Commission Brief

I aim to create paper-based collection for the stationery market for the company Rifle paper co that will be inspired by architecture.

Specific Objectives:

I will explore and document the theme of architecture partially looking at the cute arcade unique shops and rows of house, that look vintage. I will explore this by researching unique shops and taking primary research of houses and vintage shop fronts by taking my own photos.

Another objective I need to look in to and report on is the target market of high end stationery company.

I’m also going to be looking at trend forecasting sites like WGSN to see what the trends will be for S/S 2018 and to see what colour palettes are going to be used to make sure when I pick my own colour palette it will be relevant and on trend for that season and year.

I will also create a collection of visually inspiring mood board that will summarise all the relevant aspects of the concepts of my theme, client, competitors, colours and textures.

While doing the research I will also produce and log a body of drawings, photographs, mark making to support my research, and I will work with different mediums and techniques which will be appropriate for my company Rifle Paper co and the target market of their clients. I will also creatively develop ideas using specialist methods such as digital stitch and print and also continuing my digital skills on illustrator and hand printing methods such as screen printing. I partially want to look in to digital textiles more as I’ve found out I have strong skills for this area.

Therefore, I’m going to sample with technical process such print and digital process as I want to develop a professional standard. I will also produce a selection of samples and designs on a range of appropriate substrates such as paper as I’m looking at stationery based goods and some fabrics as well.

I will present a final collection of designs, some of which that demonstrate alternative colourway design. I will also present selected designs for stationery, in situ, as CAD visuals.

Introduction to clarify the context and market/client

The paper based stationery market appeals to me due to the fact I like stationery and the way it is very versatile and can be used on a variety of products. I have chosen to work for the company Rifle Paper Co due to the fact that I like their illustrative style and the products they produce. Their style is very unique and interesting, it is very illustrative and stylised but that’s why I would like to work for them as their work is quite blocky and they use not much line/detail elements within their work. Futhermore their company creates these beautiful feminine pieces that consist of florals mainly, however I have also found a strong collection that consist of places and builds that have been made to look cute. Therefore, the theme I have chosen is architecture partially looking at the cute arcade shops and rows of house, that look vintage, will fit very well in to their market. However, I would also like to add in some florals to also make it feel more connected to their market. Furthermore, as their client is aged in their late 30s, and is a successful business woman how likes to drink coffee in cute shops I will create a collection that suits their client.

The Research

I will visit Rifle Paper co website to research current and previous stationery collections. I will also research for my chosen season of s/s 2018 and relevant trends looking at trend forecasting sites like WGSN. I would also like to research the company’s policies regarding sustainability and environmental issues. I will also research to see who their competitors are and what they are creating. Furthermore, I will find go to stores where their products are being sold to get some primary research and to see their products up close.

My proposal

I will create a collection of designs for paper based stationery products including notebooks, dairies, cards and gift wrap. My designs will be inspired by my theme of ‘Cutesy Architecture’, I will be gaining inspiration from images collected whilst exploring the architecture that Cardiff has to offer (rows of houses, unique arcade shops). My designs will have an on trend colour palette inspired by my theme and the companies colour palette and what’s on trend in S/S 2018. Furthermore, the designs I create will encompass Rifle paper co luxurious stationery style. I will carry out visual research in primary and secondary ways including drawing, photography and through the internet. I will be experimenting with digital stitch, printing techniques and digital techniques on illustrator, specifically digital techniques to in keep with Rifle Paper co style. My sketchbook work and drawings will be structured to look into my theme in detail, by experimenting with different techniques and styles to allow me to create professional and accurate repeat patterns that work with Rifle Paper co style. I will also keep up with current and up-coming trends using WGSN throughout the project.