My reflective thoughts and creative intentions for “Making Connections” module

I’m really looking forward to this module, due to the fact that last year was great because we got to experiment with lots of new techniques I cant wait to see what else I’m going to learn this year. The area which I really enjoyed last year was the digital project, I never done much digital work before but it was something that I learned I was quite good at and enjoyed therefore I cant wait to develop it more in this new project. Furthermore I would like to do more printed textiles in this new project and combined it with digital.

I like that we are able to set our own brief to work for a certain company it makes it feel more like a live brief and therefore it will make me think about my work more commercially, analysing my target market more and hopefully making my final prints come out with a professional quality.

I have already started my initial research looking in to different market areas of fashion textiles, interior design and stationery/ paper-based industry. Some of my favourites have been, Paperchase, Scion, Liberty London and lelci London. I would like to create a collection of interior pieces or a set of stationery/paper pieces Im not sure yet. Furthermore I’m not really sure what I would like to base my collection around yet, at the moment I was thinking about looking in to nature or architecture but I’m not sure, maybe after looking at some trend forecasting sites like WGSN i may have more of a idea.

However overall I’m very excited to get starting on my self set brief and to see where it is going to take me.



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