Scion are part of the Harlequin Group; Scion say that they are a refreshing British brand which aims to make its own distinctive mark on the world of interior design. According to the dictionary ‘Scion’ refers to ‘a young shoot or twig’ or a ‘descendent of a notable family or one with a long lineage’: an appropriate name for this exciting and innovative brand, produced under the auspices of the Harlequin Group. Scion was conceived to fill an obvious gap in the market for an affordable yet uncompromisingly stylish range of interior product. Overall I feel that Scion are cutting-edge and very unique furthermore I like how bold and blocky some of their designs.



Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand in the field of interior design and decorating. Its quintessentially English fabrics and wallpapers, bedlinen, paint and home accessories offer classic, inspirational product, design innovation, exceptional quality and value for money. Having been granted a Royal Warrant in 1923, Sanderson still supplies fabrics, paint and wallcoverings to HM Queen Elizabeth II and British Royal Palaces. Therefore because of this I feel that the designs have exceptional quality to them and they are of extremely high standard and are very detailed.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston designs have a vintage feel with a modern twist and they have a hint of nostalgia to them too. She is mainly known for her accessories like bags and purses however she does a range of different interior products and even some fashion products. Most of her prints are of florals and natural however she does also look at other things as well like buildings and gives them the vintage twist. Overall I like the simplicity of her designs and I quite like a bit of vintage too.

My reflective thoughts and creative intentions for “Making Connections” module

I’m really looking forward to this module, due to the fact that last year was great because we got to experiment with lots of new techniques I cant wait to see what else I’m going to learn this year. The area which I really enjoyed last year was the digital project, I never done much digital work before but it was something that I learned I was quite good at and enjoyed therefore I cant wait to develop it more in this new project. Furthermore I would like to do more printed textiles in this new project and combined it with digital.

I like that we are able to set our own brief to work for a certain company it makes it feel more like a live brief and therefore it will make me think about my work more commercially, analysing my target market more and hopefully making my final prints come out with a professional quality.

I have already started my initial research looking in to different market areas of fashion textiles, interior design and stationery/ paper-based industry. Some of my favourites have been, Paperchase, Scion, Liberty London and lelci London. I would like to create a collection of interior pieces or a set of stationery/paper pieces Im not sure yet. Furthermore I’m not really sure what I would like to base my collection around yet, at the moment I was thinking about looking in to nature or architecture but I’m not sure, maybe after looking at some trend forecasting sites like WGSN i may have more of a idea.

However overall I’m very excited to get starting on my self set brief and to see where it is going to take me.


Liberty London

This was my first time actually going in to Liberty London, I have always liked their prints and patterns but I’ve never been in the shop before. The building in its self is incredible, the beautiful old build complements the products they are selling. My favourite floor was the haberdashery floor, full of stunning liberty print fabrics. I couldn’t not buy something so I brought a bit of fabric which I used to make a cushion, so happy with my cushion when I go back again I would like to buy some more fabric but it is very expensive so I have to be careful in there.

Kelci London

Kelci London aims to produce beautifully designed stylish pattern products and they source their inspiration from visits to many different cities, countries and unique spaces. Their focus is on architecture, history, people, languages, characteristics, atmosphere, colours, hidden items and different cultures. The type of products they produce are wrapping paper, greeting cards, notebooks, ceramics and more. They also say that their products are designed and made in England using the finest materials and processes. I really like how this company have taken inspiration from the things they see when travelling and the amount of detail that has gone in to each design is very inspiring.

Paper and Cloth

Paper and Cloth are a UK print, design and illustration studio, producing charming, quirky and original art. They create kidswear, stationery, interiors, and textiles through to branding and packaging but the main thing they focus on is paper. Their designs have been used on products in Paperchase, Madison Park, Galison, Land of Nod and many more. The reason I find their work interesting and I can relate to it is because they have a very illustrative style which I like to do as well. Furthermore, I find their work very detailed and original.