Reflections on the Digital Design Project

My 6 Final designs have been selected from a huge collection of design, the first 4 have been create on Illustrator and the last 2 on Photoshop. My Brief I chose the theme Re-E-val-U-8 therefore I based it around 50s retro, looking at bold, colourful imagery. I really took myself out off my comfort zone for this project as I normal create patterns that are inspired by natural and my drawing style is a lot more sketchy than the bold and solid like retro is. therefore really I could have suited scanned memory theme more as it was based around nature, but I wanted to challenge myself.

I’m extremely pleased with how my final design have turned out considering before this project I have never used illustrator before and I’ve only ever used Photoshop to do basic photo editing but never drawing with this software. And I feel as a collection these design complement each other well and I have captured this theme through the use of bold colours and images that relates to the the mid-century. Also I’ve never had a colour scheme before and I believe that is really does help to create a collection to work together. Also I can see these final designs working really well on kitchen ware and interior designs.

I have absolutely loved this project. I’ve learnt so many new skills in the course of only 6 weeks and how much very managed to develop in my skills in this time excites me to see what I can produce in the next few year. also I’m extremely thankful as well for lucy’s help and advice through this project and she is very inspirational to know that you can build an independent business from nothing. overall I believe that I have benefited really well from this project as it is some I could see myself exploring more other the years and I have really enjoyed it. I never saw myself as a digital designer but after this project I can see self using digital a lot more in my work to come.


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