Mood board in Photoshop

Ive never done a digital mood board before, Ive created very basic mood boards with just paper images but these were very much just cut and stick. However it is a bit different with the digital mood boards as you have do it all on Photoshop with the tools they have. Therefore I got to learn how to use new tools which helped me to cut the backgrounds of the images. At first I was finding it a bit hard to get my mood board to look right as there was so much going on because the theme I choose was retro with this themes there is a lot of bright colours and a lot of different patterns so it is very hard to a put these things together. So what I ended up doing in the end was creating a lots of different mood boards in which im going to show lucy to see if she can help me to come up which as solution. Here is a few ive come up with.


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