Photoshop lesson with Professor Richard Western

After visiting Roath Park with professor Richard Western we went back to university and scanned our drawings in to Photoshop and experiment with his mineral photography. Ive use Photoshop a little bit in the past so I really only know the basics, but he showed us on Tuesday was really interesting and simple to do but it looked so effective. This technique made a very simple line drawing turn in to a interesting drawing that had texture and depth to it. What we did was basically colour in our drawing using a really amazing technique on Photoshop which allowed you to select his mineral photography and paste it in to the places your wanted colour. I’m really please with these outcomes and I will definitely be experimenting more with this technique. I think I’m really going to enjoy this new digital project if we do more work like this.


Then after I had completed this editing on photoshop with Richards mineral photography, I wanted to see what it would look like as a repeated print. And Im quite please with the one that just has to one flower repeated, it flows a bit better.


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