Constellation Overview

I have found constellation quite insightful, I’ve had the chance to explore into the areas of subcultures which was very interesting as I found out about some that I didn’t know about like the Zoot Suiters and how their style was inspired as a rebellion almost to the war. Furthermore, it allowed me to evaluate and understand how some people do dress in a certain way to fit in to a certain group, and don’t just wear any clothes. We can all be labelled and fit in to certain groups.

Also another thing that we touched on quite a bit was the re-signification of an object. For example, the subculture of Punks took the object of a safety pin which we all know is used for holding together something (fixing holes), and they signified it to ear rings and cut their ears with it stretching their ears and piercing their skin. Therefore, they took some thing and completely changed the meaning of it. I believe that I have signified something of my own too, in my denim project I took an old pair of jeans and changed then in to a storage wall hanging and a mobile.

Also my second constellation study group linked in very well with my first one as we looked in to a wide range of different things like semiotic and understanding the langue of fashion. Looking at an image that can have a series of signs and meanings to it, really taking apart an image and looking in depth. For example, the context for the image, looking in to the time it was taken and how that can influence the image its self, everything can be taken apart and look into the reveal underlining and hidden messages.

Furthermore, another very interesting topic we touched on we sex sells, looking at how company as trying to sell their products through sexual imagery and connotations. This really made me rethink how I look at adverts as quite a few make them sexual to sell their product, and it’s not right because its showing people that it is okay to do these things they are suggesting in their imagery like gang rape.

Overall I believe that constellation has helped me out to think of thing differently, one image can have hundreds of underlining messages. Also where one thing is place can really change the whole concept and connotation to the thing. I will know think more about this in my own work as it can really effect the whole concept of one’s piece of work.


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