Sex Sells

I found this lecture very interesting and it made me rethink how I look at advisements. The notion of sex sell is where the seller is trying to make us buy their product through using imagery that can be seen in a sexual way. Furthermore, most of these images objectify women, by degrading their status. Also the way some of these imageries have been portrayed is also like they are promoting that its okay for gang rape with is clearly not right.

This can be seen in Calvin Klein’s jean advert with Lara Stone were they are trying to us sell their jeans, however the way the photographer has got them to sit it looks like a gang rape, what annoys me is that when most people look at this they would think it is ok as they just see the image and think it maybe it looks a bit sexy, but the fact that the company is suggesting that these things are ok is wrong. One could also say that its putting ideas in to people head, and this is not something that we want.

Overall it has really made me look at advertisement in a different way and made me think if I really want to be buying their products if they think its okay to objectify people in this way.


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