Evaluation of Future Generations Brief

For my final piece I created a mobile which can be used as a decorative piece that adults can have in their bathroom, you could hang it on a wall for decoration and for something to look at while relaxing in the bath.

This decorative mobile was inspired from one of the conference talks I went to which was held by the Marine Conservation Society. This UK charity is dedicated to caring for our seas, shoreline and wildlife, and they came in to talk to us about what’s the big deal about the sea and how we can help save it. At the moment we are destroying our seas by taking too much fish out and by putting too much rubbish in, and we are not looking after what we have got. Therefore, I wanted to create a piece of work that celebrates our creatures of the sea and lets us enjoy the sea. And by using found fabrics and up-cycling old fabrics, I’m not throwing things away, and putting unwanted things into our seas.

In the previous two-week brief, we had in field about up-cycling a pair of old jeans I was inspired by the sea as well and what the Marine Conservation Society had to say. And the door hanging piece I created from this was all stitched as I hadn’t done any print workshops yet. However, for this final project I wanted to explore print a bit more and I’m glad I did, as the prints ended up creating a great base for my sea creatures. Which I then I took back in to stitch and embellished them with even more detail, by adding in hand embroidery, beading, and free machining. I really enjoyed working back into my prints with stitch and I think I will be using this technique a lot for future projects.

The one thing I think that didn’t really help with the development for this piece was the 2-week external project we did across the arts university because for this external project we were looking at future homes. However, by doing this it did allow us with the chance to work in groups which meant we had more ideas to explore. However, what I feel would have benefited us more would have been to have 2 weeks of different workshops across the university which then allowed us develop more skills which I could then have devolved in to my final piece.

Overall the Future Generations project was a good learning experience, it gave me a chance to work with new fabrics, work with different people, and to look more into up-cycling and thinking about using things we already have. However, if I had more time with this project I would have made the mobile a bit bigger.


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