Future generations collaboration project – Future homes

For my field collaboration work, we were put into small group where we had to think about what our homes would look like in the future. Initially as a group we did a mind map to have a quick brain storm on what we thought and we can up with the idea that our homes would be floating in the sky, with the use of magnet. By having our homes this way it would allow our environment to grow and live and be sustainable. therefore we were thinking and looking at different way we could make our homes be sustainable and non harming to our environment.

initial future homes ideas
initial future homes ideas

So after we done the mind map, we went and researched different images for how it could look and what materials we could use. We found some interesting things that have been used already like old glass bottles for glass windows and more.

research image mind map
research image mind map

After looking at this research we went away can came up with some initial design ideas of how these future homes could look.

initial future homes designs
initial future homes designs

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