Speed dating with a sewing machine

In this weeks stitch workshop we did something quite interesting where we got to speed date with a sewing machine. How it worked was that each sewing machine had a new technique which we could learn and we were only allow 20 minutes at one sewing machine and when the time was up we moved on to the next one. I enjoyed this as it allowed me to learn loads of new technique in a short amount of time. And some I would definitely want to try again when working on up-cycling my denim jeans.



Future Generations Conference – Day two

For the part of the conference we had the change to take part in two different workshops, that allowed use to explore and work in groups or on our own.

Llandaff Cathedral workshop

The first workshop I took part in was the trip to Llandaff Cathedral. We looked around the outside of the cathedral and we also went inside and explored different around that I never knew was in there. I thought the stain glass windows were beautiful and the stone work was also very interesting to look at, with all the detail.

Masks and rituals workshop

This work shop was very different it was a bit like a drama and art workshop, we started off by talking about masks and rituals and then we did some drama warm up exercises like making different facial expressions and moving around. Then we went on our own or in to small groups and made a mask. This is what my small group came up with.




overall the conference was very insightful, however I just think it could have been
a little bit more organized.



Future Generations Conference- Day One

My new brief is a collaborative project where I get the chance to work with other art students in different art areas across Cardiff school of art and design. To me this is really interesting, it’s a chance to learn new things that aren’t just textiles related and explore new skills and techniques. Therefore, the university held a two-day conference which was exploring future generations, and the ideas for culture, environment, economy and social justice within this. The first day of the conference consisted of panel discussions, guest lectures and seminars.

Living seas

The first seminar lecture I took part in was the living seas, we had two speakers come in, the first of Keven Edge talked about what is actually going on down in Cardiff bay. This was extremely insightful, I found out that there are actually bottlenose dolphins that breed in the bay, and these dolphins are at risk due to scallop dredging. Scallop dredging is stripping the bottom of the sea floor, which the dolphins need to feed the baby dolphins, they life of the rich sea life on the sea floor.

We also had Jenny Griffiths from the Marine Conservation Society UK charity which is dedicated to caring for our seas, shoreline and wildlife, come in and talk about what’s the big deal about the sea and how we can help to save it.

Whats the big deal about the sea?

  • It moderates our climate
  • It provides 50-70% of our oxygen
  • Important food source
  • Vital to our economy
  • It provides relaxation and recreation
  • And is central to water cycle

Our UK seas support over 15000 species but they are at risk,

Whats the problem

  • there is too much rubbish on are beaches which is harmful to the sealife and wildlife.
  • We are taking too much out of the seas by fishing, 4 out of 5 fish are unhealthy.
  • Sea bed is use for building
  • We are not looking after what we have got

However, the good news is if we do start looking after our sea and stop doing these things the sea will regenerate and get better. And therefore what we can do to help is join a beach clean, support a campaign, and reduce, reuse, recycle and be sustainable. Therefore, I’ve learnt a lot from just this one-hour seminar, our seas are at risk but there are ways we can fix this, people just need to know.

Utopia seminar

This seminar was very different from the living seas one, this was all about the ideal word (utopias), where everything is perfect or the opposite, dystopias where everything is bad. We were looking at the ideas of the American dream and how Walt Disney tried to create the magical perfect world of Disneyworld. I found this seminar quite interesting and unique as we got to think about what the world could be.

David Hieatt – guest speaker lecture

This has to be the best part of the day, when David Hieatt came in and gave us a lecture on his brand Hieatt denim. He has a unique company where if you buy one of his jeans the come with a life guarantee with them, so a life of free repairs. And he has the no wash club, which is where you don’t wash your jeans which is very interesting. So he really cares about his employees. One thing that I really inspired me from his lecture was he kept saying “Interesting things happen when you do interesting things” take chances to do different and interesting things as you never know what interesting this might come from it.

This first day of the future generations conference was truly inspiring and interesting and im looking forward to the next day.