Zoot Suit

I had a really interesting lecture on Zoot suits. Before today I didn’t really understand the connotations behind this symbolic suit. In the 40s young African-Americans men took the suit and re-signified it. The suit consisted of bright colours like lime green or canary yellow, an excessive amount of fabric and in this time period that was seen as a problem as with the second world war there came rationings and that included the rationings of fabric therefore it was effectively illegal to wear it. Therefore, these Afican-Amercians were flaunting the rationing regulations and basically saying that their government that they just don’t care.

Therefore, by choosing to wear the Zoot suit they are choosing to question America about why they can go to war and help other races but they are choosing to do nothing about the inhuman acts that have been committed to the blacks in its own country. So therefore its more than just a suit, its a way for them to rebel against the white American government.


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