National Botanical Gardens of Wales

The National Botanical Gardens of Wales was an amazing place to visit, there were so many different types of flowers and plants there and it was really inspiring and interesting to see. Here is a collection of drawings I created from my visit.


Heat Press and Stitch Techniques




After creating a heat press which had negative leaves on it, I decided to add in the leaf details with stitch to make it textural and have more depth. I’m pleased with the overall outcome of this sample however I don’t like how close the small┬áleaf at the top has gotten to the bigger one because of me adding in the stitch.




Dye and Hand Embroidery

After doing the shibori technique which created these oval shapes in the fabric, it looked a bit like a mark making drawing I created therefore I added some hand embroidery on top to add in the more detailed marks like the drawing. I pleased with how it turned out.

Dyeing Fabric

I really enjoyed doing this technique, trying out both shibori and using block shapes to create pattern within the fabric when dyeing. The best results was the ones when I didn’t try mixing to many different things together, like with the blue fabric which I just tied knots into it. I would love to experiment more with this technique.


I’ve been trying out stencils with the combination of drawings and using different types of brushes. I’m really enjoying using both the fan brush and the stippling brush as the fan brush can create loads of lines with one stroke and the stippling brush is great to use when wanting to block out half a stencil. Futhermore I believe the combination of the stencils and drawings creates more depth and variety in the outcomes and it help to develop my drawings in to something very different.

Dr Marten Boots

I had a keynote lecture on Dr Martens Boots which really interested me, the fact that one object can be transformed and used for so many different reasons and for different target markets. Originally these boots where for workers, people that needed strong, hard wearing boots like postal workers, police officers etc. They didn’t start out as a fashion statement they were very anti fashion and they were only available in two colours.

However later down the line you have different youth subculture that have adopted the brand and some have even modified them. Skinhead in the 60s changed the colour of the laces and turned up their jeans so you could so the boot. Then in the 70s the punks adopted the boot as well and it goes on. This brand has been really clever, they have made they a blank canvas and it allows the buyer to make it self-fashioning, they can make it in to whatever they want. This really gets me thinking about my own work and how I could think about creating a piece of work that could be used in various different ways.