St Fagans Museum

St Fagans Museum is an very unique place. It was very inspiring seeing all these different builds from an range of different ages. With each building they captured the essence of what it would have been like at the time it was built, so you could find lots of unique objects in the builds. It was an amazing place to draw at as everything you saw with different at out of our time period. Here is a few drawings from my visit.


Free Machine Embroidery and Appliqué

I had a play around with combining different techniques, free machine embroidery and appliqué. The combination of these two worked really well together as the appliqué allowed large spaces to be cover quickly and the machine embroidery allowed me to create detail.


smells like teen spirit

In my study group for the next few weeks I am looking in to subcultures and street style. I will be looking at identity debates and how gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and anti-establishment values are expressed visually. Also how do subcultures recycle style and material objects to generate new meanings.


Dissolvable fabric

Dissolvable fabric was something I didn’t know existed, its an unique fabric that just melts away once water touches it. It allows there to be no fabric and just stitches of thread, which looks very delicate and unique. I also tried adding felt in-between the dissolvable fabric which I really like as it allows you to stitch into the fibre felt with out is breaking the sewing machine and the outcome is really effective.