Reap patterns

Today I went in to the library and found two images that interested me, both were flower prints from textiles designers. I then drew elements within their design and tried out creating my own reap patterns from this.


Cardiff Cultural Journey

On my first week at University we were given a brief that allowed me the chance to really explore parts of Cardiff for the first time.

The Arcades

They were first venues I looked at. They really caught my attention due to how unique they are, it is not something you aspect to find in a big city and that’s one of the reasons I’m finding Cardiff so interesting. There is always something new you don’t aspect to find around the corner and that’s what excited me about the Arcades. You walk down these narrow streets that are enclosed with vintage glass roofs that allows natural light to flood through the arcade so you don’t have a dark dingy street but a beautiful vintage street. The Arcades are full of quirky little independent boutiques, vintage shops and cute coffee shops. I like how I saw little coffee shops that kept with the whole vintage boutiques theme with their coffee cups and tea pots being vintage. Also when walking down the Arcades it felt like you had been transported to a different time, and that you weren’t in Cardiff centre any more but in a village. In addition to all the boutiques the signs for their shops are quirky too and really grab your attention. I especially liked the sign for the vintage shop Hobos, it is so bright, unique and really draws you in, and with the help of a brightly painted orange shop it is sure something you wont forget. Overall I really enjoyed what the Arcades had to offer and can see myself being in there a lot through my time living in Cardiff.

Cardiff bay

Cardiff bay was another interesting aspect of Cardiff, there were galleries, restaurants and the main thing the sea. Craft in the bay gallery was really creative, they had such a diverse range of art work, with so many different things to get inspired from, and as they change the artwork regularly I can see this being a place where I am going to be visiting a lot. Also when I was in the bay I found this quirky fish and chip shop called Top Gun, the whole of the inside of the restaurant was beach themed. Therefore it felt like you were at the seaside, each seating area was a beach hut and it was decorated with seaside things like buckets and spades. I liked how much creativity went in to getting the theme right for the restaurant. When walking around Cardiff bay and trying to explore many different aspects of the place I came across this seating area near the sea. It was a really long cemented bench that had loads of engravings on it all to do with the sea, so things like shells, fish, rope and more. They really interested me so I took some rubbing’s of a few to capture them. Another thing that I have noticed while exploring Cardiff is that there is so much variety in styles of builds you have the really contemporary and then traditional buildings all in the same place. This is what I find really unique about Cardiff compared to other cities and because of this the city doesn’t feel as intimating and big.

The gardens in Cardiff

The last place I went was the gardens, I thought this was an important part of Cardiff to look at as it is rare that a city has as much green areas in its centre as Cardiff does. The parks go on for miles too starting from the Cardiff castle all the way to my university campus, by exploring the parks a bit I found a trail that lead me to my university, which I will be using from now on to get there. The gardens were full of lovely colourful flowers and plants of all different types. Also I noticed these rocks that were placed in a circle to almost look like Stonehenge however on a much smaller scale. This was really interesting as it was not something I was expecting to find when I was walking around the gardens. Also there was a cute hut and a little cafe where you could sit and enjoy the view. As well you have the river that runs through the gardens, therefore once you are surrounded by all this natural you don’t feel like you are in a city but a country side instead which is really nice. I feel that everywhere needs a bit of nature preserved and its nice to see that Cardiff has saved some of theirs instead of just building massive sky scrapers on top of it. I get inspired by nature because to the beauty of it, flowers are so colourful and detailed to look at, and its nice to know that if I want to get inspiration from nature I can find it easily around Cardiff. After exploring Cardiff a little bit over these past few days I have learnt that Cardiff is such a diverse place with different things to explore around each corner and I cant wait to find out more in the years to come.