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Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour – Wizarding Wardrobes

I went to the Harry Potter Studio over the summer to see the extension to the tour that they had added and I was happily surprised to find that when we got there they were having an summer event called Wizarding Wardrobes which focused on the costumes for the films. This event consisted of costumes which haven’t been in the tour before and designers studio spaces which you could see. It was really interesting to see the work spaces the designers had and the costumes themselves were incredible the amount of detail that was in them was amazing and to see them up close you could really appreciate the details that went into them.

Angie Lewin Exhibition

I was able to go and see the Angie Lewin Exhibition which is currently on tour, I have always like her work and the amount of detail that goes into her prints, I find it very inspiring. The Exhibition showcased both new and old work of her and it was really amazing. your were also about to buy things at the exhibition like wrapping paper and tea towels. I am glad that went to this exhibition as I’ve never seen her work in person before and by seeing it in person you can see all the detail that doing really get captured on camera.

New Designers London

I took a trip down to London to have a look at the New Designer Exhibition this year as I went last year and I found it really inspiring to see the different types of work that is out there and the different ways in which you could display your work. And once again this year I was truly amazed by the level of skill and talent gone in to the work. As I’m going in to my final year at university things like New Designers are a really got platform to get my work out there into industry, so as I was walking around the show this year I was getting inspiration on how I could be displaying my final degree show and what was the best way to display your work for the different products that were being produced. Therefore because I really want to do New Designers next year by walking around I could see what it entails and how much space you get. So I’m really glad I went as it has given some idea of what I could be doing myself.


Cutesy Architecture Exhibition

I’ve just put up my exhibition selecting my 6 best designs from my cutesy architecture collection, I’m very happy of how this collection turned out. Im glad that I changed my header for my exhibition as now that they are all the same size it look a lot more professional and finished with the addition of my logo on the front. And now that this is completed I’ve finished my second year of my degree which is scary and exciting at the same time as 3rd year is just around the corner so a lot more hard work to come.

This is all my designs in the custey architecture collection.

Reflective Statement- Cutesy Architecture Improvements

Since getting my feedback for the making connections module we have been given a few weeks to improve any work from the feedback we were given. The things I needed to improve on my collection from my feedback was drawing more garden flowers in my own style as my original ones looked too much like rifle papers. Also in my feedback it was suggested that I look in to creating a repeat of houses that have gardens as my house repeats were working really well and the addition of a repeat with a garden would complement the other designs.

These are the designs I created from drawing more garden flowers, I used just the flower one its own in some designs and then in others I made a chain of flowers with it and then used this in conjunction with the doors and then on there own as well. I think these flowers have worked really well to create the feel of rifle papers style but they have more of my own style in them as well. I’m really glad I have changed them as it is more unique to me now.

In addition I created another design from the feedback I was given, I took a different drawing I done of a house then added in the garden element to it. I done this as a digital print then I free machine stitched the black detail of the houses then I also stitched the flowers for the garden too. This took a lot of time to done but it was worth it a I really like the finish it has given.

I also then wanted to try some more digital stitch so I could have a better understand of it before I went in t my last year, I decided to take my flower design and repeat on one of the bigger stitch machines as I have never done that before. I am really happen with the outcome of this design however it did pucker a bit and I wanted to try it on black fabric however due to unforeseen circumstances Maggie couldn’t come in so I couldn’t get this done.

I then went back to some of my paper sample and changed the scale of them to improve them a bit, furthermore from doing the degree show buddy system they inspired me to try and get my work printed professionally so it was to a higher standard. So I printed my some of my paper sample on to wallpaper using the company they suggested ‘bags of love’. I also used this company to print the new digitally printed work I did on to fabric. I’m really glad I did then as the prints come out really well and I was able to order a sample pack which will really help me out for next year if I want to digitally print again. Furthermore by using this company for this project it has allowed me to see what they are like before my 3rd year so I was able to test it with them before my degree show.

Therefore I believe to degree show buddy system was really help as it showed what is need to make my own degree show look really professional and to a high standard. furthermore due to helping out with the degree show it has actually influences the work in my current brief as it has allowed me to find companies that a good and reliable at printing digital. Furthermore due to do the degree I decided that I need to remount my headers as by having consistency through the headers is key for have a professional finish and I wasn’t getting this through my previous headers. Therefore I am glad that we have had these few weeks to improve work as it has given me the time to create different designs that work better which my collection and creative an over all better collection.



Name of Degree Show student:  Melissa Macdonald

Critique /comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work: Melissa has named her collection ‘Abstract Tropical’ looking at what nature has to offer in a abstract well to create a sense of well-being and comfort within the home.  I really like the concepts behind this work with the whole abstract tropical, however I’m not too sure if you can judge whether you can get comfort by just looking at her work.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts? For me I would say that I do find her work aesthetically appeasing through the use for her colours and materials she has used. furthermore I really like the ceramic work she has do to, which adds to the whole piece.

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you? What has impressed me the most about her work is how professional it its, I feel that you could but any of her pieces in to a shop now and they would sell and be really current. furthermore I like how diverse her collection is with the use of ceramics and even making packaging for her products which just makes them even more profession and sell-able.

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work: I think for presentation style of her work is extremely professional and to a high standard, and the fact that she has even made packaging for her products just finishes off the whole collection. This is something I would want to do in my own degree show collection.

Name of Degree Show student: Aniqah Zenab Murtaza

Critique/ comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work: I really like this she has taken inspiration from her roots as a Muslim and looked at Islamic geometry and mixing tradition with contemporary. I really like her use of lines and shapes within her work as it has created some very striking patterns.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts? The use of her materials and techniques have helped to convey this message of traditional with contemporary within her designs as the use of her colour palette a well.

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you? What has been the most impresses with in her exhibition was the quality of her samples and the overall layout of the exhibition works really well with her pieces.

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work: Her presentation style is very professional and neat I like the way she has placed the rack of the samples underneath the shelf which works really well a keeping everything really neat and clear looking and it also helps to create unity within her work.

How do you perceive the shows, generally? I think the show this year has been extremely successful and professional with the level of standard really high. Furthermore I think this show this year has been a lot more diverse in the fact that quite a lot of people have done textiles art pieces instead of just the normal interiors, fashion or stationery rote. This has made the show a lot more interesting and unique.

List 3 key things you have learnt from what you have seen overall?

  • I have learnt that the show is done to a extermely high professional standard.
  • it has shown me all the different ways in which I can display my sample for my show next year.
  • Also it has made me think more about what I want to do next your for my own degree show and it has made me to think about what I could do with my space.